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Best Sex Toys *4 Women *4 Men *4 Couples

A lot of our listeners have been writing in about spicing up their sex lives, so I decided to give you guys a blog on the Best/Top rated sex toys on the market…  Regardless if you are a man or woman, in a relationship or single, sex toys can really turn things up a notch.

For Women…

hitachi wand

Hitachi Wand –  a tried-and-true go-to for many women since its inception in 1968. Designed as a standard massage tool it quickly became the most highly recommended vibrator of all time. It’s heavy, large, loud, cumbersome, powerful, but extremely effective. “Most users will tell you direct stimulation is too much as the Hitachi is just that powerful so place a towel between your body and the Hitachi itself”.  You will be able to cum every single time you use this because it stimulates the most sensitive parts (your clit).


The Rabbit – This is an awesome gadget!  Not only are you able to get penetration (while the shaft of the vibrator spins), but you can also get clitoral stimulation (as the bunny ears vibrate) at the same time.  There are many variations of this vibrator… but the majority have different speeds on it, so you can adjust it to your preference level.  A lot of women claim they only use the vibrating rabbit ears to make them cum.  Pair this up with a good lubricant.

For Men…

masturbation sleeve

Male Masturbation Sleeve –  one kind of sex toy that is often overlooked. Not only can these sleeves add a new type of sensation to your solo sessions, but some of them are even designed to improve performance with a partner. You can use this toy with a partner & it will give you the same feeling of being with two different women.  Plus, sleeves allow for simple clean-up after you’re done.

cock ring

Cock Ring – A cock ring is most often used to make an erect penis harder and bigger, to keep it that way for a longer amount of time, and to delay and heighten orgasm. Cock rings work by constricting blood flow, keeping blood in the shaft of the penis. When a wearer finally does ejaculate, the sensation is more intense, since it took a longer time to come, and because the penis is filled with additional blood.  Men use cock rings with partners and/or by themselves. Some are actual rings as their name suggests, made of metal or rubber. Since these cock rings are not adjustable, the right size needs to be chosen for a proper fit .

For Couples…


Blindfold – It’s amazing how much taking away one sense can heighten all of the others! A stroke of the skin becomes a moment of sensual connection and a whisper in the ear becomes a deep intimate moment.  Use a feather or a silk scarf to stroke it across your mate’s body while you have them blindfolded.


Lubrication – In our culture, women are taught that we “should” be able to make all the lubrication we need.  Well, for some women that is the case, while others may need a little help.  Even if you feel you get wet enough… everyone should get to try out a variety of lubes, with water-based and silicone-based lubes being safe for both condoms and your overall health.  Some are silkier, some last longer, and some even have different scents. Find out which one is best for you through experimentation and making a multi-night sexy game out of it.  Lube can really take things to the next level.  (Especially if you would like to try anal sex).  *** Lube is also good for men (masturbation)/women (masturbation).




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