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BEWARE (PET LOVERS) of Arlington Pet Care in Akron, OH

Ear Kandy Radio hates to report on animal abuse, but we must get the word out.  One of my Face Book friends posted this picture of her precious fur baby after taking her to get a cut at Arlington Pet, located in Akron, OH.  She reported that her dog had 5 cuts all over her body, and the one pictured above was cut all the way down to the bone.  How does this happen when you take your dog to get groomed?! 

To add insult to injury, they didn’t even tell her there was any issues with the dog.  When she addressed them about her dogs injury, they refused to give her any money back.  She immediately had to take her dog to the doggy hospital to be treated for the injuries.

She had to come out of $250 to pay the pet hospital.  Poor Doggy!!!  Upon looking online, I found some other negative reviews regarding the customer service and other things as well.

So if you love your pets, please do research & read all reviews before choosing a vet & groomers as well.  I would hate for your fur baby to end up like my friend’s fur baby did.  We understand that accidents happen all the time, especially in medicine.  The problems comes when they will not take responsibility for their actions & compensate the customer.  Do you guys believe the saying that “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”?  Let’s talk about it!  & Prayers out to the fur baby that she has a speedy recovery!  


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