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BEWARE: Racist Drunk White Woman In Kenmore On The Loose

Kenmore, OH – Drunk white woman was spotted in back yard of a resident pulling his vegetables out of his garden. Waynes Views came out & asked her was she lost (because she was clearly intoxicated) and she started cursing at him.

Two of his guests (one who happened to be pregnant) got out there car to make sure everything was okay, and the drunken white woman spat at them, hit them, & called them “NIGGERS.”

They told her the police was on the way and she eventually left the scene, but not before taking a huge gulp of her gas station vodka. She said she was on her way to Barberton , around the Hopocan area. Beware… she is very drunk & very violent.

This situation was handled great in my opinion, because it could have easily been manipulated. Unfortunately in the black community, we must think first & act later… even when she was totally in the wrong. If somebody would have hit her back, and an accident occurred where she was hurt really bad, we could have wound up being the ones in trouble.

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