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Beyonce and Jay Z …. DIVORCE!!!

divorce 1 divorce 2

Rumors of divorce have really been circulating around the internet and in all the major tabloids.  Reports of their divorce…. due to Jay Z’s infidelity, nights with other women…  They report that Beyonce just cannot take the rumors anymore.  Disputes about their billion dollar empire being torn apart and a huge custody battle over Blue Ivy…  Everybody is in an uproar about the possible split.


Well…  Beyonce, who’s currently yachting in Italy, had a comment on the state of her marriage this weekend, for all those who might be worried. Behold:

beyonce jayz


Without responding to the reports, she silently put all the divorce rumors to rest!  Seems they are the on again & off again type of relationship… but we are all rooting for them to stay together.  In this day and age, people are so quick to give up and call it quits, so I really hope they can make it work.



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