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Beyonce … Great Performer/Entertainer or Illuminati Diva?

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There’s no question about her talent!  Beyonce is one of the coldest singers and entertainers ever!  I really do love Beyonce, but I wanted to share a few of these videos I have been watching on YouTube and I would like to blog with you guys on your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Beyonce … Great Performer/Entertainer or Illuminati Diva?

  1. I really believe in this and the reason being if you think about it the devil was once an angle the most beautiful angle ever and his music was like no other he was kick out of heaven and and he use his talents to use people to do his work so now these singers rappers continue to do what he did and use there music to get us to follow them and praise them new world order alot of music tell us so much in it but we pay it no attention she is not the first artist who have said they’re possessed or someone else has taken over there body Nicki Minaj did an interview were she said she was possessed by a little boy named Roman kanye West is another and Rihanna etc… So i do believe there is something going on

  2. I cant put everthing i want to say cause its so much but this goes for the actor’s as well and its so sad they really sacrifice family members in order for them to be famous Jennifer Hudson has done it Bill Cosby has done in Kanye West and so on

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