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Biden and $2,000 stimulus

Biden Says He’s Working on a Coronavirus Aid Package That Would Include $2,000 Stimulus Checks. How long will Americans have to wait for this aid?

Americans might be getting those hoped-for $2,000 economic stimulus checks after all. On Friday, President-elect Joe Biden said in a news conference that he is working on a new federal coronavirus relief package that would include such payouts, as demanded by many U.S. citizens and politicians from both sides of the aisle. “The price tag will be high,” Biden said of his plan.

Biden also aims to extend unemployment benefits for those who have lost work because of the pandemic. More details of this will presumably be provided in his follow-up next week.

The President-elect’s promises came just as the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its December figures. These show that the economy shed around 140,000 nonfarm jobs during the month, far more than the average economist estimate of 50,000.

Stay tuned!

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