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Bill Cosby Found Guilty in Retrial for Sexual Assualt

Earkandyradio has to report on Bill Cosby.  Looks like he has been found guilty of sexual assault after more than half a dozen women testified against him (accusing him of drugging them and assaulting them).  It took the jury two days to deliberate before returning back to the courtroom with a guilty verdict.  The judge recited testimony of the defense’s star witness, who testified that Cosby’s main accuser once said she could frame a “high-profile person.”  The jury referenced Cosby’s deposition testimony from 2005, where the comedian admitted to giving a woman Quaalude’s so he could have sex with her.

Bill Cosby (80 years old) was once viewed as a strong role model in the black community, as the father of one of the most popular sitcoms in its day (The Cosby Show), is now facing up to 10 years in prison and also could be fined up to $25,000 for each count.  There was also talks about him trying to buy his own television network then all the rumors began to surface about the  actor and the sexual allegations.

Bill Cosby has repeatedly denied all the allegations against him, has said the sexual encounter with the women were consensual.  A few hours after deliberations began Wednesday, the jury returned to the courtroom to ask, “What is the legal definition of consent?”  But Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Steven O’Neill said that he couldn’t give jurors a legal definition, telling them that was something they would have to answer on their own, using their own “common sense.”

For the full story… visit https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/bill-cosby-scandal/bill-cosby-found-guilty-sexual-assault-retrial-n869121

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