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Bill Cosby Has Been Set Free

Bill Cosby, 83, is set to be a free man after the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court issued an order to vacate his conviction immediately. It was ruled he did not receive a fair trial.

According to TMZ, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just ruled … there are 2 reasons why the conviction could not stand — the judge allowed prosecutors to call 5 other accusers during the trial, and Cosby should never have been criminally prosecuted based on an agreement he made with the former D.A.

Cosby has been in prison for almost three years after being convicted of three charges for aggravated indecent assault. He has always maintained his innocence in regards to the accusations (that he drugged and had sex with an employee working at Temple University).

This shocking news comes a year after Cosby’s parole was denied after he declined to participate in a sexual violence program conducted in the prison, with his attorneys arguing at the time that participation in such a program would make their client appear guilty.

This story is still developing and Ear Kandy Radio will keep you updated. Congratulations to Bill Cosby and his team for not giving up on him.

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