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Birth Control Micro-Chip ….

How many of you ladies and fellas constantly worry about birth-control? If you could have one small procedure that would prevent you from having kids for up to 16 years, would you be interested in trying it??


Well, come 2018, an option like this may actually be available. This birth-control micro-chip is about half the size of your fingertip and it would be inserted near your abdomen or your buttocks. Reportedly, the micro-chip will be able to prevent pregnancy for up to 16 years. The kicker is… it will actually be remote controlled!!! This means you will be able to turn it on and off as your please, allowing you to still get pregnant while the chip is inside your body. The biggest battle they are still working on is preventing people from getting remote access to the micro-chip (hacking it). Can you imagine somebody hacking a micro-chip and making you get pregnant on purpose.

The chip works by storing the hormones or drugs inside a platinum and titanium seal (which would not be able to be penetrated). A single electrical current triggered by the remote control will melt the seal enabling the hormones to seep out.

now in my opinion, this sounds really cool… it could be used to prevent more teen pregnancies but it is scary at the same time. You hear about all this New World Order talk and this seems to be another way the government will be able to control us. Who’s to say these chips won’t have some type of GPS tracker where they could monitor our every move?? Clinical tests will start for this micrp-chip in 2016, and if all goes well with this, then they will test it out to help treat other diseases (Osteoporosis, Arthritis and more).

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