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Bitches Over Bags (money)

Omarion announced the 2020 millennium tour today! Of course he’s the headliner along wit Bow Wow, their calling it “The Face Off”. B2k will not be apart of the tour! Oh and that’s not the icing on the cake of his petty

It’s Fizz’s birthday…

If you keep up with celebrity news and gossip then you know Omarion‘s baby mom, Apryl and former group member Fizz are dating! In recent interview Omarion stated he didn’t care if the two were a couple but stop speaking negatively on his name. And now we see why he don’t give a fuck! Excuse my language but Omarion stop Fizz’s whole bag (money). I think everyone can agree that Omarion won the war.

Dates will be announced on December 2nd. ( my birthday) former B2k member J Boog took to Instagram to say Fizz is in fact the reason B2k is not on this year’s tour.

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