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Black Bear Killed on Highway in Akron

Early this morning (Tuesday 6/12/18) in Akron, Ohio a black bear was struck by a driver in their car and killed on the I-77 expressway going northbound close to the V. Odom Blvd exit.  It happened around 5:00 am. Thankfully, the driver that hit the bear is okay!

The poor bear was travelling all the way from PA.  The police confirmed the bear was tagged from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  The bear weighed about 400 pounds according to officials.

There have been so many reports of animals and wild life coming closer and closer to the city life and into the populations of people.  Makes me wonder what is really going on.  Animals don’t generally come into the city life unless there is something going on in their natural habitat (global warming & environmental destruction).  Last month, a driver was driving back from West Virginia on the Ohio Turnpike near State Route 5 in Warren when he hit and killed a black bear that darted across the Ohio Turnpike.

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