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*I am not racist*
I saw online that the today show revealed what they believe to be Queen Nefertiti. Now before the man revealed the queen he stated that the researchers got evidence from her husband craving in his wall where he was laid to rest. He spoke on how great the Scientists and technology was and then they revealed what looks to be a toned white woman. Now I do believe all women are beautiful queens but we need to be real it’s 2018 when will they view black women as queens. Not only our women but our men as kings as well? This is not the first time they (as in media and movies)made the image of a queen as a white woman. Egypt climate it hot and people who lived there was of a darker skin tone.(brown or black) Even in movies the black people are only cast as SLAVES but I know in my heart one day my brown/black sisters and brothers will remember that we are indeed Queens and kings. I don’t have all the answers to how or why but this shit is getting old. The disrespect is at an all time high and and we need to teach our child the truth! We first need to learn and educate ourselves. So our children black or Africa American people were more than slaves. They were inventors, healers, business men who respected themselves & their wife. Why don’t we learn about BLACK WALL street? To be honest I never learned that about my own people. And unfortunately that’s exactly what they want. They want us to believe we are not great. They want us to view ourselves and our people as inferior, not good enough. Well enough is a enough. I’m starting to educate myself & in due time my child. He will know he’s a king and anyone try to tell him different then they’re afraid of his greatness.

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