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Co-Host Ace Boogie shared a more positive outlook within our #BlackLove Community…………….


Challenges for Couples (According to goodtherapy.com)

Research shows 66% of second marriages including children from previous marriages fail. This may be due in part to the increased stress experienced by all members of a new blended family. Stress in a new family situation is normal, even if the transition appears to have gone well, and although the term “blended family” might imply a smooth transition, the early years of a step family relationship are often more likely to be difficult for all involved.

Due to issues such as differing parenting and discipline styles, the development of new relationships, and strong and potentially conflicting emotions from all sides, it may take time for one family to get used to living with the other family, even if they all got along before the families began living under the same roof. The couple may face difficulties adjusting to their new roles as part of a larger family, rather than just as a couple, and issues that arise with a partner’s children may place tension on their newly formed bond.

Question: What are the grandparents considered to be? Are the step granny step papa? Do we call the children step grand baby?

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