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Blue Ivy Is Star Struck By LeBron James

The beautiful and shy Blue Ivy (daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce), was seeming star struck when she met Akron Legend, LeBron James. You would think because she has celebrity parents, she would be used to seeing other celebrities on a regular basis (which she probably does), but this was so sweet to me.

Jay Z and his baby girl attended the LA Lakers vs. LA Clippers game this past Sunday, and got a chance to speak to the NBA superstar, James one on one.

Blue Ivy wants to ask LeBron for something, but she is too shy to get it out. She turns to her dad, and he tells her that is she wants it, she needs to ask for it herself. Blue finally musters up the courage to ask, and LeBron surprisingly says “You want a basketball from me?”

Take a look at the clip below. She is sooooo cute!!!

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