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Blueface Said He’s Been With Over 1,000 Women Sexually in 6 Months

22 year old rapper Blueface kind of blew up overnight. After releasing his hit song “Thotiana” in 2019, his music career catapulted… and of course that comes with a bunch of groupies as one of the side effects.

With a new net worth of (an estimated) $4 million dollars, it’s not hard to believe that Blueface has been with a lot of women. Well during a recent interview with “Big Boy TV,” Blueface was asked how many women he’s slept with in the past 6 months, and he responded that he had been with about 1,000 woman!

Where does one find the time for all these sexual escapades?? If you’re like me… you started doing the math immediately.

  • That’s roughly 167 women per month
  • About 42 women per week
  • & anywhere from 5-6 women per day!

In Blueface’s defense, he says that he often sleeps with more than one woman at a time… “Sometimes it’s a threesome, foursome or fivesome.” WOW… five women at one time?? There are a lot of men who couldn’t even handle one or two LOL.

Take a look at the interview below, and hear it for yourself!! How do you guys feel about men who sleep with A LOT of women???

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