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BMF Member Big Penn Ends Up DEAD

B.M.F. Rapper goes live on FaceBook and talks about the FEDS and how they were extorting him… froze his all his money and assets, put him in jail and were also charging him for some crimes that he DID NOT commit.!!!  At the end of the live video, he pretty much predicted that he would be killed for coming out about the things he said on that live video… and he was shot dead in his yard.  If you really watch the video, you can tell this man was really scared.. like in fear of something!

Did the POLICE/FEDS set this man up and kill him?

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One thought on “BMF Member Big Penn Ends Up DEAD

  1. Face Book is watching everything, we agree to it all. I told my Aunt to take some viniger yesterday, i log on and viniger is in my line of advertising. JUST SCARY

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