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Bobby Shmurda To Be Released From Prison After 7 Years; Migos Quavo To Pick Him Up:

Bobby Shmurda, of the ‘Shmoney Dance’ fame is going to be released from the prison soon. Rapper Quavo of the trio Migos has volunteered to pick up Shmurda. Sources say he is eager to get back to work and starting with Quavo is a good start.

Bobby Shmurda, the rapper of the famous Shmoney Dance song is soon going to be released from prison after five years. He took to Instagram to announce his arrival. Migos’ Quavo has opted to pick up the rapper. The 26-year-old rapper debuted in 2014 with an EP titled Shmurda, She Wrote. In 2018, he featured on 6ix9ine’s single Stoopid while still in prison. He recorded his verses over phone calls. Now that he is back home, fans can expect a release of his debut studio album with Epic Records, which was previously postponed.

Bobby Shmurda’s imprisonment

The Shmoney Dance rapper was arrested in late 2014. Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to imprisonment after he was pleaded guilty on charges that he was involved with a violent drug gang. Some reports claim that he was also present during a gang war outside Brooklyn. Reports also claim that he once fired a shot in public too. His sentence was reduced from seven years to five in 2016, citing his wait for a trial for two years. 

Bobby Shmurda is set for conditional release from prison on Tuesday. His family and friends are preparing to welcome the rapper back home. His friend and fellow rapper Migos Quavo have volunteered to receive Bobby. According to an interview with Billboard, he was quoted saying, “I’m going to get my guy. I’m personally gonna go pick up Bobby Shmurda. I’m bout to go get him. I’m gonna let him show you how I’m gonna pick him up. It’s gonna be big.”

The rapper, who rose to fame after a TikTok video of his song Shmoney Dance went viral, is set to make a comeback in the music industry. As of today, the song has over 29 Million views. He created a new Instagram citing hacking issues for the previous one and also shared a message for the fans.

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