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Boosie Badazz Weighs In On The “Omarion Scandal”

Rapper Boosie Badazz weighed in on all the mess going on with Omarion, his hoe… I mean baby momma (Apryl Jones) and Lil Fizz. Boosie really feels like Omarion handled the situation like a straight G, a real straight “street n*gga.”

“He wrong, bruh. You know why? I f*ck with Fizz, but I feel like he wrong because y’all made history together. Real history together. All these b*tches in the world. Why her dawg? You on reality TV. N*gga, your DMs full, n*gga. Why cross that boundary. Why do that? I ain’t respect that.”

“I live by other sh*t, that’s just like, somebody go to jail, y’all best friends, y’all made history together, and you start f*ckin’ his baby mama. That ain’t cool on a level, I feel. I don’t know how everybody else think on the matter or whatever, but I just feel like that ain’t cool. Rappers and artists have a selection when it comes to women. That’s B2K. He could have got any b*tch.”

“Omarion look like a street n*gga to me, how he ran that. That n*gga looked like a street n*gga. That n*gga was calm, cool and collected. That’s a street n*gga saying, ‘Imma get the last laugh.'” 

~ Boosie Badazz

Boosie really be so real with it! I like his point of view on the situation, and I agree with him. Omarion could have been petty AF about the whole scandal, but he handled that shit great! Like Beyonce said, “the best revenge is your paper”… so to stop Lil Fizz from getting his coins & hurting them pockets was probably the worst thing he could have done to that man! Check out what Boosie Badazz had to say below.

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