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Boosie clears the air on George Zimmerman fight!

Recently a article was going around social media claiming Boosie beat George Zimmerman‘s ass at Walmart! The report said Boosie allegedly caught him coming out of Walmart and had words for him & a few punches for Trayvon Martin.

Unfortunately Zimmerman got away with KILLING Martin! He was apart of the neighborhood watch team and after police told him NOT to follow the young man did anyway & killed him in cold blood. Trayvon was a young teen walking home from the store. Martin father lived in that gated community. His dealt caused outrage yet another White man walks free after kill an unarmed black teen!

He even went viral on social media and was singing autographs… I know just disgusting! He doesn’t deserve to live…. but Boosie went live via Instagram to clear the air stated he doesn’t know Zimmerman and to buy his noodles that will be available Friday at Walmart.. check out the video below


I wish some would make him pay, for what he’s done but God will have the last say. Rest In Peace Trayvon gone too soon! Prayers for his family who still have NOT gotten justice!

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One thought on “Boosie clears the air on George Zimmerman fight!

  1. How about posting honest 17 year old pictures of Trayvon Martin. Show a mean looking 6’3″ young man.

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