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Boosie gets emotional and Thanks God!

Boosie got emotional on instagram gram today. He thanked God and a wonderful woman who drove three hours to bring him insulin. Boosie is very open with his fans about his life and that includes his health issue. Boosie is on insulin and ran out. He claims he wasn’t doing to well.

He explained how a some kind hearted woman drove three hours to bring him insulin and when he offered to pay her she refused. The lady wanted a picture and left. Well a few minutes later the woman stopped at a local store and won 10,000 on a lottery scratch off!

Boosie hasn’t revealed who the mystery woman was bug is very Thankful for her. He seemed to almost get teary-eyed while talking about how God sent this woman to him and blessed her because of how she was blessing to him. Check out the full video below and remember to always be kind to people even when you don’t receive anything in return… God is always watching…

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