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Boosie & Passenger Go To Jail After Traffic Stop

#Free #Boosie until it’s backwards!!!

My dude Boosie Badazz and a former NFL Player (Antonio Allen) were just arrested after a traffic stop and are being held in the Coweta County Jail. Allegedly, they were pulled over after nearly sideswiping another vehicle that Boosie was driving. Upon searching the car, the police found some marijuana and a loaded pistol under the seat of Antonio Allen. Officers also found a bag of cash and a vape pen (really… I can’t believe that reported that part).

Hopefully the two get it worked out ASAP and the charges don’t stick… it’s really sad people are still going to jail for marijuana when it is legal in multiple states… and a gun??? They hit our people and communities with so many felonies, then they make it against the law to have a gun and protect ourselves (one of our Bill of Rights). This system is just set up for some people to fail.

Prayers they make it out expeditiously (in my T.I. voice).

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