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Bow Wow Photo Shopped Abs On Himself

Poor Lil Bow Wow just can’t catch a break! It seems like he always tries to do the most but then ends up in the craziest predicaments.

Recently, Bow Wow has been accused of editing on of his pictures posted on social media, making it look like he had a six-pack. LMAOOOO, I’m being serious y’all!!

When the real picture finally surfaced on social media, Twitter fans/haters went in on Bow Wow. Needless to say, he has removed the original pictures from his social media accounts. I just feel like he tries too hard to be something he is not and he is losing a lot of the remaining fans he has left. Its okay to just be yourself Bow Wow!!

Take a look at some of the funniest posts on Twitter regarding the situation. But 1st I have a quick question… why is it so wrong for a man to use filters when the ladies do it every day??? LOL let’s talk about it in the comments.

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