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Boyfriend Arrested in Deadly Stabbing

Charles Hunt admits to stabbing his live-in boyfriend.

UPDATED 7-19-2019

The victim has been identified as 54-year old Jack Matthew Royster. The incident happened in the 200 block of West Miller Ave. When the police arrived, they found the victim laying in his front yard with multiple stab wounds. The suspect, Charles Hunt is being help on a $1 million bond in the Summit County Jail.

Late Jack Matthew Royster & live-boyfriend, Charles Hunt – accused of stabbing him.

Akron, OH – Police were called by a neighbor to report a stabbing. The victim is a 54-year old man (who has not yet been identified by his family). He was transported to the Akron General Medical Center, where he died shortly after arriving.

A 37-year old man named Charles Hunt has been charged with the murder as well as felonious assault. He told the police he stabbed the victim after an argument, and the victim was his boyfriend.

Hunt has been booked in the Summit County Jail, and is awaiting arraignment.

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