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Boyfriend Is Appreciative Girl Got “Random” $1,000 Cash App From Boosie

This weekend has been a lil different than most being we are still “quarantined” due to COVID-19. But we tend to find more ways to entertain ourselves & that we’ve done very well. Some of us are familiar a selected few on social media that will without a doubt, keep us entertained to the absolute fullest.

This past weekend a very appreciative boyfriend sends a thank you shout out to rapper Lil Boosie for “randomly” sending his lady $1000. Not too sure if he’s aware of what might have transpired prior to that coin to be distributed, but hey.

That was tremendously generous of the Louisiana native finding it in his heart to give, in these trying times. So big ups to Boosie for keeping the entertainment alive, when we need it most.

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