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Britney Spears Celebrates Her “Freedom” From Her Dad By Uploading Unclothed Pictures To Instagram

Britney Spears, has been under her father (Jamie Spear’s) “control” since 2008, and she is celebrating him being removed as her conservatorship by going n@ked on the gram.

Britney used three small flower emojis to cover up all her intimate parts, but you can definitely see what she’s working with.

Britney says “Playing in the Pacific never hurt anybody.”

This week, a judge finally removed Britney Spears’ father from her conservatorship.

Jamie Spears was appointed her guardian in 2008, after concerns over her mental health but yesterday a judge took the position away from her. He can no longer get his hands on her any of her money or control her life.

Her attorney Mathew Rosengart had asked the court to appoint certified public accountant John Zabel as temporary conservator to Britney’s $60 million estate, which the judge okayed.

I’m so happy for Britney Spears! She is finally able to start getting her life back.

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