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Browns Safety Jermaine Whitehead Is Cut After Racist Tweets

11/4/2019 – Jermaine Whitehead, Cleveland Browns safety, has been cut from the team after a series of racist and controversial tweets.

Shortly after losing the game Sunday night to the Denver Broncos, Whitehead went on a twitter rant, (mostly targeting Fox News) sending out racist tweets as well as death threats to people who were criticizing him for the way he played.


Whitehead’s Twitter account was suspended. The Athletic’s Zac Jackson reported that Whitehead was still wearing his uniform when he was sending the tweets and that a team public-relations staffer separated him from media in the post-game locker room, where Whitehead did not speak with reporters (THANK GOD).

Whitehead went on Instagram to “vent” since he declined to speak with reporters, and he had a mouthful to say!

“Crazy world. They line it up and say anything in the book too you, they tell you take the high road, when yo whole life you was taught to meet fire with fire. I do apologize for my performance, but having a broke hand and a strong fear of letting my team down is my downfall. Whatever happens happens. Ain trippin. They probably gone still talk crazy but this me getting smoke off my chest. I don’t need one like.. this from me to me! Keep ya head up homie. “I dare em to try.”

The Cleveland Brows’ franchise is not at all happy about all the things Whitehead had to say!

“Jermaine Whitehead’s social media posts following today’s game were totally unacceptable and highly inappropriate,” the statement reads. “We immediately spoke with Jermaine upon learning of these comments. The Browns in no way condone that type of language or behavior. This matter will be further addressed internally.”

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