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Byron Baxter’s Mom Has Some Explaining To Do!!! – UPDATED

Updated 12-5-18 @ 8:48 am

This story has been updated to include the “reply/explanation” from Ebonie for all the horrible things she texted to her daughter!  In my opinion… it is a poor ass excuse, but I will let you guys be the judge of that.  Check out the videos, then you can read the back story below.

Now I’m sure that by now everybody has grown to know and love the adorable little Byron Baxter from social media (check out their page on FB The Baxter Boys

I just came across a really interesting story!  Well interesting is actually not a good description for this story… DISGUSTING is probably a better word to use.  So apparently Byron Baxter’s mommy (Ebonie) made an Instagram post a few months ago talking about her daughter (Ashlee) she gave up for adoption about 22 years ago (the post has been deleted off her page now).  Ebonie was claiming that her estranged daughter resented her for being given up for adoption.  

Now resentment is a legit feeling to experience after being put up for adoption, so no real foul there right??  WRONG…  Ebonie’s daughter who she gave up for adoption decided to speak out and defend herself regarding her mother’s allegations on Instagram!  She posted the back story as well as some old screenshots that her “mom” texted her when they were arguing a few years back.  I’m sorry, but these messages are literally GROSS to read, and I just feel so bad for the daughter.  No kid deserves to hear that their mother didn’t want them & threw them away.  Let me post all the screenshots so you can see for yourself, then let’s talk about it.

CRAZY RIGHT?!?!  Man, I swear this story just hurt my heart so bad, because how can you say such nasty things to a child who didn’t even ask to be here?!?!  Well of course, she has replied…  Take a look at her BULLSHIT ASS explanation.  

Ebonie Marie Baxter

Right before something BIG is about to happen, the enemy will send a distraction…
Thats just showing me how Big Tomorrow really is!
However, whenever I receive hate I rarely confront it…
But Now I Choose To Shed light on a situation that was posted about me from my daughter whom I given up for adoption.

I will make a Video about it and it will be up forever….so in 3 years from now when she posts the same screenshots again (Because this is the 3rd time shes posted them) I can simply refer people to the video…
Also, I will shed some light as to why I chose not to even associate with a sibling that is still alive and still so full of hate…
Tomorrow I have an important meeting so the video will not be posted tomorrow, however it will be posted shortly.
You can not let people extort you for fame….sometimes being quiet allows them to.
I was hesitant because I don’t want people to think ill about the child I gave up for adoption.
This is the 3rd time in 5 years shes done this, however GOD is extending my platforms so, let me use it to shed light on the ugly side of adoption.
I will shed light on why I had to argue with my child after she stole from her adoptive mother and ran away and moved in with me with her girlfriend…how they robbed me….
How after I confronted them, it got ugly….
How because of her robbing me and me kicking her out, because I really didn’t know her….How she went on social media bashing my children…
Even after that, I forgave her!!

I talked her into going back to school and I was there with the biggest Mouth Cheering her on as she walked across the stage!!
I’m going to post videos of her Girlfriend, Her and My Husband, Joy riding with my sons!
Im going to show videos of Her Girlfriend and My Husband all out at an event that I paid for them to attend even dressed them both up to look and feel amazing!!
I’m going to tell how I would send her to meet my husband at his job just so he could give her some money….
You see, Yes theres 2 sides to this story, I just haven’t told mine because I don’t care what you think of me, I just don’t want people to see her lies and her hate and it goes left…
However, I owe it to people to give them the truth….
And those screen shots WILL BE IN THE VIDEO!
After this, theres nothing more she can screenshot and twist….
They say the truth will set people free….well, I hope this will be closure for her.
Stay Tuned.

Now Auntie still loves you little Byron Baxter, but mommy has some explaining to do.

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25 thoughts on “Byron Baxter’s Mom Has Some Explaining To Do!!! – UPDATED

  1. She’s a disgusting human. Tend to forget that karma might skip you and slap your child right in the ass! She wonder why her life got so hard when her husband and Byron came into the picture, struggling with him because of you ill feelings towards that poor girl probably since birth. Make amends hunni and repent, not just to God but your daughter also, It’s the least you can do

  2. There’s always three sides to every story. And it seems to me that as a repirter if thats what you call yourself that you hear the whole story . Not one side and start bashing someone, without the otherside being heard. Yes the messages were not the best but what occured to lead to those messages and actions that weren’t seen which she explained. Young adults can be very respectful and she gave her life but she doesn’t know her but still opened up her home and her family to a youung lady she had at an early age to be disrespected, verbally abusive and sounds like bribing and she’s a theif. No sorry respect is a 2 way street . You have to give it to get it… Period
    Mrs Baxter continue to be a great mom to your kids and ignore the ignorance of others. You gave it a try and weren’t obligated to and were mistreated and triing to make you feel bad about giving her up when you were a kid yourself when there was other options. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone and defiantly not this fake cyber auntie… smh just messy..

    1. How did I not report both sides?? I have Ebonie Baxter’s response & the daughter’s response. You just don’r agree with my opinion and that’s fine.

      1. It’s bullshit!!Ebonie know exactly what her goofy ass doing and these dizzy dora mofos have yet to see it..No need to play Rat Charles when everything is right there..How tf could a mother talk to their child like that and think she gonna be sweet after the bs..Can’t respect nobody like her she can’t even respect herself..I detected no lies that Ashlee spoke..She is a fraud maybe some of her minions can help pay off the people she owe from selling that water down ass make-up..Facts!! Why not acknowledge all her kid’s (5) but have the nerve to scream Godly foh..Ashlee spoke on Ebonie daughter that was trying to mess with her did she explain why tf she didn’t believe it..Oldest son Dad is a Perv,He is sickening,grown ass man on level 2 Rapist tf can he do with a 13y/o since people wanna make it seem like Ashlee not shit let’s put the card’s all on the table and speak on all parties..Can’t blame Ashlee she hurt and cried out many of times✌

        1. I had some typos but know need to play Ray Charles when everything is right there!Ash spoke on Ebonie babydaddy trying to mess with her but she blew it off like it was nothing..

    2. This probably you ebony.. a reporter would know how to spell the word reporter 😂😂.. stupid B.. just stfu and go spend the $ 90 000 dollars people donated for ur kids surgery that you cancelled. Disgusting trash

  3. I, Hong, have always had a feeling about Eboni’s motives but I ignored them and focused on lil Byron! I have unfollowed their pages because I don’t believe that I need to be forced to donate money in order to be a Byron supporter. I’ve followed pages of children with cancer and have never seen this level of begging!! I’ve bought t shirts and all kinds of things to show my support but she right out begs for donations and gifts for her children and it has turned me off from the start so I will no longer support or follow them! May God bless Lil Byron and his siblings.

  4. Who says rhese Things. The comments are outrages.The dont just remove ypur child ! They really dont even want to remove children thats there last resort..I believe you have used your child for profit He is a beautiful Child . But you are Full of IT !!!! The things you sai to your daughter i wouldnt even tell a dog that. No Excuse for what you said. I was a young mother and had some Challenges. You are so wrong and you didnt say those things because ypu were hurt..oh no sister you tore her apart like a piece of Dirt on the street. I would never send you nothing sp i guessu can delete me too

  5. Who says these Things. The comments are outrages.The dont just remove ypur child ! They really dont even want to remove children thats there last resort..I believe you have used your child for profit He is a beautiful Child . But you are Full of IT !!!! The things you sai to your daughter i wouldnt even tell a dog that. No Excuse for what you said. I was a young mother and had some Challenges. You are so wrong and you didnt say those things because ypu were hurt..oh no sister you tore her apart like a piece of Dirt on the street. I would never send you nothing sp i guessu can delete me too

  6. My point is she kept saying she only gave two son when bitch you gave 4 son in all so apparently she not even claiming the ones she didn’t give up I mean how can you saying something about your goddaughter but not your other sons?.

  7. Ya’ll haters always on the band wagon as soon as something negative comes out about someone on Social media the reply is I always knew they were like that SMH. When you have a foul mouth drug addicted kid who fights you at every turn that’s what happens especially when you get mad I had a few of those kinds of fights with my girls we got over it some people don’t. But this is about Byron she is right to ask for money she’s not rich and I would do anything to make sure my kid got what he needed if they were as sick as Byron. Sometimes kids and parents don’t get along its human get over yourselves haters.

    1. She just admitted she will be multimillionaire soon which means she is a simple millionaire now. Her cosmetics business grossed her millions but she lost it all to bad managing of finances. Shes done this a few times shes got her ticks figured out. She gonna really take people for money now. I didnt even have to read this article to know she is one of the most hateful human beings. A true christian does not talk about how a woman who flirts with her man will feel her fury she is CONSTANTLY spewing hateful stuff. Just like a good christian man wouldnt even turn his head to another woman if they were as godly as they claimed to be they wouldnt have to worry about whos turning whos heads. She a con aritist she the bread winner he gonna do what she say period he aint gotta work hold a job or half the time even speak. He just stand there and nod to agree, run to her everytime she scream for him be at her beck and call. While a good husband does these things on his own shes constantly yelling for him to come to her. Byron?? Sweet boy… but the youngest always being left out always trying to be in the picture or on the video and she constantly pushing him out of view. He aint her money maker, byron is. The way she talked to her daughter does not surprise me it sounds just like shes perceived to be… then again a stranger (which her daughter was) walked up in my house and stole from me and mines id be a bitch too.

    2. Damn ebonie.. how many fake pages are you gonna create just to comment as someone else. Did you spend all that surgery money? Is that why you got nothing better to do with your time?

  8. This woman is a hustler and a liar. Listen to her video, she contradicts herself. My heart goes out to little Byron but I saw through her the first couple of times I watched her video. I also made a couple of donations initially….not again. Reading her comments to her daughter, regardless if she gave her up for adoption or not, is disturbing. That’s some real street talk and for her, as the adult, to respond this way tells of her true character. Poor Byron, you can’t puck your mom, but you definitely deserve better.

  9. I can’t stand this bitch. There is no excuse for anything that she wrote in those messages. I legit can’t stand her ass

  10. All I can say is I will let God judge her about her daughter the thing that got me is I am donating monthly and I see all these people who are donating her husband has no job but this chicj got on a diamond ring so big you think she was on the real housewives of Beverly hills so what is she really doing with that money is she using her son’s illness as a get rich quick scheme

    1. People are emotionally tied to the sick child but this woman and her husband are fraudulent and manipulating hustlers. They are using the money they get to buy things that they haven’t worked for. Don’t worry they are taking too much and they will be punished. He should get a job! You have sick children all over this country who’s parents work hard to meet their needs. There is no free lunch. These are welfare mentality people. They actually think people will fund them forever. But notice little Byron is growing out of the cute vulnerable stage. People, will start to feel less sorry for the looser parents as he starts to appear more stable.This weak ass excuse for a husband and father is inexcusable. They have no marketable or verifiable skills. She use to strip, sell dope, and turn tricks. He was along for the ride dope and street hustler. No legitimate entertainment entity will touch them once they see their background and records. Their naïveté keeps them from realizing that this platform is limited and lacks the support of people with litmus. Past behavior predicts future behavior. It’s all a ploy to make the subscribers think that they are god fearing and simple. They are lying manipulating child exploiting motherfuckers! Selling hair shit with mineral oil, and Shea butter. It’s all so ignorant and just a money grabbing operation at the expense of that soon to be embarrassed boy. Their subscribers are being fleeced and financially ripped off. They refused to see that she’s a horrible mother and just using the kid as a cash cow. High school dropout thieves who lack a conscience.

  11. I’m gonna say this. Her spirit is horrible. And everybody is absolutely right. Karma is the best revenge. I dont wish harm on her or her children but you dont do this. And they are living off vulnerable people…

  12. This is all a hustle for her and her husband. It is a shame that they are parading this innocent child on social media. To get money and for themselves. Pulling at supporters hearts for this beautiful little boy. It’s about money and HER Platform to get more money. They live very well off of supporters that give. I say money should go into a trust for the child medical bills and be managed by a trustee. That is the only way I would donate. I will not give money to keep her and her husband in a lavish lifestyle. And if it’s about the child. They should have no problem agreeing to the trust.

  13. I wouldn’t dare pay a penny to this lady. I’ve gotten bad vibes from her from the beginning. I love her son, however why do you have to pay money to love him. She is less than mother to say horrible things about her daughter. I refuse to listen to her anymore!

  14. Byron is a Instagram star,,his net worth is 5million dollars pull it up,,this is how they’re purchasing buildings, buying homes they don’t need any money it’s all a scam

  15. I leave all in Gods hands. BUT even before reading the article about her daughter, my spirit has not agreed with her or her husband. If you talk to much, you’ll tell on yourself. And she has done just that many a times. The same way she’s pushed her daughter away, she does the same with the son in the home. Byron gets all the attention, during video time. Thereafter it appears he’s out in front of a TV to play video games. He’s never dressed. Just tshirt and a pamper. The words she pined to her child she birthed, had me in tears. I don’t care what the outcome was, her stealing, etc., you don’t talk to a dog like that. It was like two girlfriends going back and forth at each other. Eboni is pregnant with a little girl now. I pray all goes well. God does not like ugly. Byron is growing up, and soon he’ll grow tired of this acting. I’m not a hater. I’m a God fearing lady. Wrong is wrong. She’ll have to answer to God. And his wrath is like none other. I plead, ask God for forgiveness. Reunite with your child. You both are hurting. You can feel in both text. God your will be done.

  16. I’ve always felt that Sweet Lil Byron was being used as a pawn. Nobody has a job, so probably no health insurance. They just bought a beautiful house. They have expensive cars, clothing, shoes. What really turned me off is the “begging” for gifts, money and stars. They have children that doesn’t live with them. Who’s supporting them? None of this is my business. IJS. But you have to think (research if possible) before donating to any cause. Lots of scammers out there, and these folks are out there. I will continue to follow Byron cause I love him like a grand baby. I have not donated anything and I will not. If I’m blocked, that’s ok too.

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