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Byron Baxter’s Mom Rejects Donation & Support For Her Son

Notification Waynes Views received on Face Book about his support being rejected

If you guys have been following our page, you would know that we have been shedding some light on Byron Baxter’s mom, Ebonie Marie Baxter. She has recently been in our blogs due to her estranged relationship with her biological daughter, Ashlee Harrigan. She was a horrible mother, who said some horrible things about her daughter & we exposed her!!!

But back to the most recent story… Ebonie rejected a donation from one of our Media Personalities, Waynes Views! If you follow Wayne, you know that he absolutely LOVES Byron Baxter! He is definitely a cyber uncle… and to be honest, Wayne didn’t even want to report the previous stories because of his love for little Byron.

Wayne reached out to Ebonie Baxter to try to clear the air (after she had already blocked him on a few of her pages) and just to tell her how much he really loves Byron! Then Ebonie turns around and blocks him on another page of hers and also rejects all donations from Wayne!

Ebonie Marie Baxter is a coward!!! I am just so sick of her using precious Byron to get over on people. & if you don’t agree with her, or say anything that does not shine a beautiful light on her, then she blocks you.

Get over yourself Ebonie! You won’t have anything good coming to you until you repair that relationship with your daughter!!! She did not deserve to be treated like that.

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3 thoughts on “Byron Baxter’s Mom Rejects Donation & Support For Her Son

  1. Keep it real.
    She is exploiting her child for money. God will handle her.
    She has no right regardless of what her daughter did or said to speak to her child that way.
    It’s irrelevant what precipitated the text message exchange.As a mother you should know how to address it. You don’t ever tell the child you birthed ..”I threw you away.”
    The universe feels her energy & karma will visit. Be patient

  2. I can’t take her she just lies in my eyes for money and fame watching her for yrs never knew she had older kids …smh

  3. This lady is living a fabulous lifestyle off those stars 🌟…People are crazy to give her money!!!!

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