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Byron Baxter’s Older Brother, Cyrus, Dies Tragically At Age 20

Cyrus Baxter, brother of adorable little Byron Baxter, died tragically in a car accident. According to his mother, Ebonie Marie Baxter and family; Cyrus Baxter took his own life last night.

There have been no details released regarding his accident yet. According to a source online (Prophetess Trail wrote on Facebook) Cyrus Baxter took his life last night by crashing his car into trees and the sad part about it he was on the phone with his ex and she watch him took his life and didn’t think twice to call his mother… instead she texted her friends and made jokes about it 😭🙏🏽….you never know what people are going through so stop judging people instead pray for them ‼️ 

His death has many of the Baxter Boys’ fans mourning over the news. The Baxter Boys has a YouTube following of over 122K subscribers, which mainly shows videos about five-year old Byron Baxter, who has a rare bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Their networth is predicted to be between $1.5-$5 million.

Suicide is always so sad. You just never know what a person is going through. I just encourage you all to treat people better. You really can’t tell anybody how to grieve, but his mother’s death announcement she made on his page just seemed so impersonal. The Ear Kandy Radio website has been trending because of a previous blog we did about Ebonee Baxter’s biological daughter she gave up for adoption. & her daughter’s response.

Condolences to the entire Baxter family and fans, Cyrus Baxter, may you Rest In Peace.

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3 thoughts on “Byron Baxter’s Older Brother, Cyrus, Dies Tragically At Age 20

  1. Omgggg. This is horrible!!! How can you talk to your very own creation like this? I love little Bryon but I refuse to donate one penny to this lady. I stopped following her page because it seems as if she’s constantly asking for donations of some sort. It’s as if you have to donate in order to be a part of little Bryon’s journey. As Bryon gets older and the money train stops, what will they do then?

  2. Praying mighty for the entire family.
    Healing and peace and strength.🦋🦋🦋🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  3. This absolutely horrible, the mom had the son in the house with very vulnerable children even after Cyrus was on a sexual predators list in Another state, I have to wonder if he may have assaulted one of the boys because all of sudden one child develops seizures due to stress (her words on a recent video)and the other child (Blake)started stuttering when he previously had a good vocabulary and speech then they brought a newborn female
    into the home. And she talking about the son who killed himself because of demons and how they had to lock him in the basement to keep him from killing them. I understand a mother loves her child but the other children were in danger at all times with the sexual predator in the house.
    This is why the sexual predators list should be national to keep people like her son from moving around state to state with parents who are trying to protect them.

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