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Can Social Media Ruin a Relationship???

Have you ever been around a group of people for a social gathering (party, get together, movies, dinner, etc) and everybody was on their phones looking at their social media feeds???  Well it seems that is the way of the world these days.  Think about it… If it causes problems with a friend during an outing, then you can just about imagine what it does to a relationship!

social media

What are the DO’s & DONT’s of using social media when in a relationship?

  • DO make sure you let people know you are in a relationship!   Change your status on FaceBook and “act” like you are actually in a relationship.  Now I am not saying that you have to plaster all on your walls who you are with, but maybe one or two posts about your mate couldn’t hurt.
  • DONT make other men or women your MCM or WCW without making sure your mate would not have a problem with that!  Okay, like if it is a celebrity, then most people would not care… but don’t make it the guy or girl you have been crushing on for the last 6 months.
  • DO put up quotes/pictures which will tell/show your mate how much you care for them.  For instance if you got some good sex the night before… you may want to post something like this & tag your boo.  Maybe the caption could read “thank you for last night boo “@_____”
  •  good sex
  • DO… Okay, say somebody tries to get at you on social media on your post…  Tag your mate and say you are in a relationship.  People love to see that you are representing them in public places as well.  Here is one example of a guy inboxing me.
  • photo (35)
  • DONT be that thirsty dude or chick in the next person’s inbox!!!  Nobody wants to deal with the thirstiness, especially if you get put on blast by somebody like me!  LOL…  I love exposing the thirstiness.  Don’t be thirsty, stay in your own lane.
  • DONT go around liking all the pictures of your mates enemy!!!  If you know your mate doesn’t like somebody, then try not to engage with them on social media.  Your loyalty should ALWAYS be to your mate!

At the end of the day, social media can help and can also hurt any relationship.  It is up to you to use it to your advantage.  Give your mate S/O’s just because… Comment under their pictures and tell them how good they look or even how you want to jump their bones.  If you are not ready to be open on social media about your mate, then maybe… JUST MAYBE you should not be in a relationship at this time.


***Lil Kim’s baby’s dad (Mr. Papers… NY rapper) posted a picture of Nicki Minaj…  Not only is Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj RIVALS… but the picture he posted was a little disrespectful!  I am not sure if Lil Kim and her boo are on the rocks with their relationship, but I know Lil Kim did not take lightly to this post!!!  Take a look below and tell me how would you feel if your man posted a sexy photo of your arch enemy???

lil kim and baby daddy nikki minaj lil kim baby daddy


Blog with me… How would you handle this???

By the way…  I just love Lil Kim!!!  She is my fave… <3 <3 <3 

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