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Can You Afford To Die With The Life You’re Living

You would think that 100% of households would have active life insurance seeing as the only for sure & guaranteed thing in life is DEATH.  But that is just not the case!  85% of Americans say that most people need insurance, yet only 60% have coverage.  & 30% of the people think that they are in the 15% of people who do not need insurance.  

Why do people NEED life insurance?

  • You never know when your number or anybody else’s number will be called.  But even if you develop a serious illness, you may not be able to get life insurance to the extent you need it — or at all. If you have a terminal illness, life insurance can provide you with financial support. Life insurance can also be used in case of emergencies by requesting a withdrawal or loan.
  • Pay for the cost of the funeral – funerals are expensive and the average cost of a funeral can cost between $7-10,000 and up.
  • Pay for any costs associated with the death (hospital bills) – A loved one dying is stressful enough and complicating it with worrying about how you will handle final expenses only makes it that much worse.  
  • Supplement the loss of income – In your life, you work hard to make sure those you love — spouse, partner, children, family members — are taken care of.  It’s just as important to consider providing financial support for the future living costs of surviving dependents.  After all, they will have to go on without you.
  • Living with a peace of mind – No amount of money can ever replace a person. But more than anything, life insurance can help provide protection for the uncertainties in life.

Top reasons why people do not get life insurance

  • A lot of people think that it is too expensive.
  • People have the misconception that only babies and old people need insurance.  & if you wait until you are too old or unhealthy, the rates for life insurance can be astronomical.
  • They think they are strong and healthy and don’t take accidents happening or becoming into consideration

If you have questions about how life insurance can help you and/or your family… Ear Kandy Radio actually has a sponsor who is on a mission to help as many families as she can secure life insurance.

Her name is Tiara Guice and she is a licensed insurance agent.  She handles 

  • Life insurance
  • Cancer coverage
  • Mortgage protection
  • Income protection and more
And she is currently hiring goal oriented and personable individuals to join her in protecting families.  If you have questions, comments or concerns… please contact Tiara Guice at 330-396-1115 or email guicetiara@gmail.com
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