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Can You Still Be A “Good Man” If You Only Take Care Of “Some” Of Your Kids

I’m trying not to sound like a “BITTER BABY MOM” and I’m not bitter, I promise you guys I’m not.  Me & my child’s sperm donor have not been together for a long time, like 6 years.  My daughter is 7 now.  She was actually planned by me and her dad.  We ended up breaking up when my daughter was 6 months because he was cheating on me and got somebody else pregnant.  When we 1st broke up of course I was bitter.  He was my 1st love and we had been together for  years.  I felt like my whole world crashed down on me when we broke up.

He used our break up as an excuse to not see my daughter anymore or take care of her.  Me & his 2nd baby mom have had words because I felt like she was a slouch ass woman by not making him take care of my daughter at the time they were together.  They ended up having 2 kids (still never did anything for my baby), then they broke up because he had a baby on her (go figure).

Now this dude is a stand up guy in the community, everybody loves him and has respect for him.  He takes care of his other 3 kids but for whatever reason he does not do anything for my daughter.  He will barely even acknowledge that she is his.  My question to yall is can a man be considered a “good man” if he doesn’t take care of his own flesh & blood?  At the end of the day, my daughter has missed out on a relationship with her dad and siblings and it’s not fair.

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