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Car Accident Claims The Life Of Akron Man

Vehicular homicide is beginning to be something we are seeing in the news too often! Early this morning (Sunday, December 30, 2018) around 2:30 AM, there was a deadly car accident on the east side of Akron, OH.

A woman (who’s name has yet to be released) was driving down the street going way too fast and didn’t stop at a stop sign, according to the Ohio State Patrol. She hit another vehicle and both cars ended up going off road at the intersection of Lidsay and Virginia Avenue.

The car she hit was driven by Nicholas Bobo Jr., where him and his passenger were both ejected from the car. Sadly Nicholas was pronounced dead at the scene and his passenger was rushed to Akron City Hospital. The woman driving the vehicle who caused the accident is also being treated for non life-threatening injuries.

Updated 12/30/18 @ 1:04 PM – The passenger has also passed away at the hospital. They leave six children behind. We will keep you guys updated on how to help the family.

Nicholas Bobo Jr. was actually one of my Face Book friends. He was a good dad, a good son and a good friend. May he rest in peace and condolences to his family from Ear Kandy Radio

The car accident is currently being investigated and they do suspect alcohol was involved. This is just so sad and such a senseless death. I have been sitting here thinking about the laws surrounding vehicular manslaughter in Ohio. Did you know it can be considered a second degree misdemeanor and in serious cases it would be a 3rd degree felony carrying up to 5 years jail sentence? I’m going to let you guys ponder on that… but what are your thoughts on Vehicular Manslaughter???

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2 thoughts on “Car Accident Claims The Life Of Akron Man

  1. This is ridiculous! With all the different options available If you’re driving drunk you’re just an asshole!!! Stop it! 6 kids have lost their parents! There needs to be stronger laws that actually scare the shit out of people.

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