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Carbi B Says She is Divorcing Offset!!!

Our girl Carbi B is in the news again!  This time it is because she is claiming her and Offset are not together and will be working towards a divorce!!

Okay y’all…  do you guys really think this is the real deal or are they just having some type of domestic dispute.  If you have been following their story, you know they have been going through a lot of ups and downs throughout the relationship.  She previously caught him cheating and said she was leaving him then…  but we all know how it is when we’re in love.  Sometimes love is blind (& it will take over your mind, what you think is love is truly not you need to elevate & find… sorry I got carried away LOL).

But take a look at her video below and let’s talk about it…  Do you really think this is the end of Cardi B and Offset??

I’m not sure how much I believe they are going to actually get a divorce (you know how they say… it’s cheaper to keep him/her), but I do know that I wish Cardi B the best!!!  I just love her…  I honestly don’t even think of her as just a rapper or reality star, she is so much more!  Cardi B actually has the momentum to become truly iconic.  I am rooting for you girl! 

I’m praying for the couple and that they do what’s best for them.

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