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Cardi B Accidentally Uploads Pictures Of Her HUGE Twins

Over the weekend, Cardi B had a lavish party, celebrating her birthday with her friends and family and it truly looks like she had an amazing time… & YES her boo Offset was there celebrating too.

Cardi B’s fans love how real she is, and how she really lets people in on the things she does & her celebrity lifestyle. Cardi really puts it out there for all to see.

Well apparently, Cardi B accidentally uploaded a picture of her breasts fully exposed, and Twitter is going crazy! People have been talking about how big and how nice her breasts are, while other people are disgusted, saying her breasts are ugly and her areolas are shaped funny.

The picture was deleted after just a couple minutes, but you know the screenshots were taken immediately. Cardi B also posted how she’s not suing anybody… she f*ucked up and sh*t happens. Click the link below for the unedited picture of her twins.

>>>Unedited picture on Twitter<<<

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