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Cardi B Admits To Drugging & Robbing Men In Her Past

Everybody wants these celebrities to be SO REAL… but when they really get “real” and tell you about some of the things they did in their past, they get judged for doing so!

My girl Cardi B is trending in the news and on social media AGAIN because of something she said when addressing some of her haters. She was upset about people saying she didn’t put in any real “work” for all the fame and success she is experiencing now. She mentioned how hard she really had it, and she really had to grind & go get it on her own. She talked about how she was a stripper and also how she would get a man to go to the hotel room & drug him & take his money. Well, listen for yourself…

People are trying to compare Cardi B to Bill Cosby SMH… LOL that’s funny though. People have been using the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB … Now I know what she may have done was not right & I am not trying to condone it in any way BUT she had to do what she could to take care of herself. Sad to say, when you’re living the “street life” a lot of times, we do things that we wish we didn’t have to do.

I know it may sound a bit double-standardish… but let her live man! She didn’t kill nobody LOL, I’m sorry, y’all know Cardi B is my girl. But how would you guys feel if a man came out saying the exact same thing about women, that he drugged them to take their money… how would you guys feel?

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