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Cardi B Calls Out To The Bloggers & People of Influence

Cardi B – Mrs. Belcalis A Cephus

Now if you guys have been following my page, then you know I am a fan of Cardi B! I actually had a dream about her earlier this year… and I know I am going to meet her in the very near future (YUP, I’m speaking it into existence)!!! I just love her passion about her music, her family, her money, her fans… and as of lately her stance on politics!

Cardi B recently reached out to her followers on social media, with a call to action. Now, I honestly took this personal, like she tagged me @earkandyradio LOL, because she specifically said “Bloggers” and other people of influence.

My girl Bardi is asking everybody to use their outlets to speak positively and inform the people about the democratic candidates, instead of bashing Donald Trump. There are already enough people and outlets bashing Trump and generating conversation about him (whether it be good or bad). Let’s take the focus off of Trump and put our focus on something more productive for our communities.

Take a look at her video below. How do you guys feel about what she is trying to do, and are you up for the challenge?

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