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Cardi B Gives Back To African Orphanage & Makes It Rains On The Strippers

Lekki, Nigeria – Cardi B is currently over in Nigeria getting ready for her upcoming performance in Lagos.

Last night, Cardi B and her team went to the Ebeano supermarket in Lekki and purchased millions of dollars worth of merchandise for the daily needs of children in an orphanage, and donated it all to them. It looks like they bought everything they were able to fit in their cars. Cardi B’s manager (Brooklyn Johnny) posted this photo on Instagram about the experience.

Kudos to Cardi B and her team for doing their part in helping an orphanage full of children who didn’t even have their basic daily needs met. I’m sure the people in the village will never forget the acts of kindness bestowed on them.

Cardi B enjoyed herself so much that she gave herself a Nigerian name in honor of being in the country. She named herself Chioma B.

&&& On top of donating to the kids in Nigeria, Cardi B also made it rain on the strippers over there too! (Wouldn’t be Cardi B if she didn’t OKkkurrrr).

Check out the video below, its was going DOWN!!! & keep in mind that $1 in nairos (Nigerian money) is $0.0028 in American dollars. So it would take about $400 nairos to make one american dollar.

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