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Cardi B leaves Bruno Mars in over $1million of debt!

After finishing his tour towards the end of 2017, Bruno Mars started off this year with a BANGER, featuring rapper, reality star and now mom, Cardi B.

On January 4, Bruno Mars and Cardi B released the remix to his song, “Finesse” which launched at 35 on the US Billboard top 100. The catchy song quickly became popular and was played on radios across the country. The video which released at midnight soon caught the eyes of the cast from the 90’s hit show, “Living Single”. They applauded his recreation for the show and thanked him for his creativity.

As the song began to grow on the charts and populate every radio station, Bruno Mars decided to release new tour dates, but this time he would be taking Cardi B alongside. Cardi B quickly jumped aboard the million dollar idea, not knowing that motherhood would later backfire and shut this entire operation down.

It wasn’t soon after Cardi B gave birth that she decided against touring with Bruno. She hoped he’d understand. Her statement was released via instagram after the private conversation between the two.

Cardi’s statement to her fans canceling tour with Bruno


Of course we wish Cardi well and understand that she wants what’s best for her and her family. But as the tour dates are approaching, the $1.1 million deal has left allegedly left Bruno Mars in debt as his scrambles to find a replacement act for Cardi. Shortly after Cardi’s statement was released, Bruno took to Instagram with his response:

Such a class act Bruno! What a genuine guy. But what about that $1.1 million? Do you hunk Bruno can pull off the same tour AGAIN and make that money back without Cardi? Would you have addressed money if you were Bruno Mars?

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