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Cardi B & Offset Drop $6M On Their New Home

My girl Cardi B is trending in the news again today, and I must say that I am truly loving this girl right now. I have loved her since she 1st debuted on Love & Hip Hop, because she has always been so down to earth & has always shown us the real side of her.

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Cardi B and her hubby Offset have been making some power moves! She recently gave him $500,000 CASH for his birthday… NOW, more recently, they just closed on a $6 Million mansion in Atlanta, GA. #OKKUURRR #GOALS

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Their new home is located in Sandy Springs, about 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. They showed off their new home via social media & everybody has been so happy for them. The home is 22,000 square feet and has 5 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and sits on 6 acres. The house is equipped with so many amenities, you have to check out this video below. Congratulations to Cardi B & Offset for continuously making these BO$$ MOVES!

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One thought on “Cardi B & Offset Drop $6M On Their New Home

  1. God bless Cardi B & Offsett on your new journey on buying a new home to have quality time with baby. Remember your home is a blessing and you earned it.
    You have shown to give back to community and family. Always take quality time for self.
    I love you Cardi B

    Sharlyn S—Fort Worth Texas

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