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Cardi B Responds To Backlash About Her Big Grammy Win!!

1st of all, I’m so tired of everybody hating on my girl Cardi B!!!  I mean seriously, this girl came from being a stripper to winning a Grammy… Not to mention everything she went through up until now.  It’s so sad people will really criticize any & EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Cardi B looked absolutely amazing at the Grammys.  Her performance was off the chain.  It really looked like she was born to do this.  When she won that award, you could tell she was so excited and humble at the same time.

It’s really sad that she had to go from feeling like she was sitting on top of the world to feeling the way people made her feel!  Social media was going crazy saying she didn’t deserve the Grammy for her album.  Now it’s one thing if you maybe thought somebody else should have won, because everybody is entitled to their own opinion…  But to ridicule her the way people were was just out of hand!  & I honestly think “deserving” wasn’t the best choice of words, because if anybody “deserved” that Grammy… It was definitely Cardi B!

She worked so hard to put that album out, on top of being pregnant with her 1st child!  Pregnancy is already hard by itself, then add being a female global mogul to the equation.  Take a look at the video below & see what Cardi had to say to all the haters!

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