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Cardi B Speaking Out Against ILLUMINATI (Government) & the Fame

It looks like our girl Cardi B is getting tired of being famous already… It just seems to be too much for her, too fast.  Check out these videos… She speaks on a few things and I would love to know how you guys feel about it.


Just a few notes from the videos…

– moving parents to Dominican Republic when they turn 60

-if she dies, government killed her

-grandparents on her mom’s side who lived in the U.S. died young

-grandparents on dad’s side living in Dominican Republic still alive

-the U.S. is trying to kill you

-even vegans and vegetarians in U.S. die early

-people in the islands are healthier

-why would they gave her grandmother so much medication for diabetes? It ahould not be healthy to consume so much meds in one day

-organic food in U.S. is a joke

-wants parents to grow their own vegetables and kill chicken to eat it the same day

-fruits and vegetables are not supposed to last as long as they do in the U.S.

I have actually wondered about the foods too.  How do they stay “fresh” so long.  It seems like every time we turn around, there is something else that we need to remove from our diets.  It feels like an actual job or task to eat and drink the right things.

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