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Cardi B, Tyler Perry & Master P Give Back During Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s always great to give back & see others doing the same, especially in times of need. In the midst of a world pandemic, failing economy and a complete feeling of “what next” there are still decent human beings amongst us, looking to do the noble things we’d like to think our leaders would do.

Over the past few days we’ve seen a few celebrities extend their hands to help those who may need assistance. Cardi B., Master P. & Tyler Perry to name a few, have really stepped up in a major way.

Cardi B. has teamed up with Fashion Nova & they’re showing love to her fans & supporters by giving away $1000 every hour for the next 42 days.

She made it clear that she & Fashion Nova will be checking IG (Instagram) to make sure the money goes DIRECTLY to the person intended. $1000 EVERY HOUR until they give away $1 MILLION DOLLARS. For your chance to win, go to Fashion Nova’s OFFICIAL PAGE & submit an entry form.

Tyler Perry generously helped out by paying the grocery tab for the elderly at 73 grocery stores. 44 Kroger stores and 29 Winn Dixie stores in his place of residents, Atlanta, Georgia during the hour designated for older customers to shop amid the Coronavirus. This comes days after he left a $21,000 tip for 42 out-of-work servers at Houston’s Atlanta. It would break down to $500 for each of the 42 employees. Prior to this great deed, the filmmaker agreed to pay the $14,000 medical bill & cost of travel to a couple stranded in Mexico after Stephen Johnson became ill while on a Carnival cruise with his soon to be wife.

Rap mogul Master P. is definitely playing his part in helping to protect the elderly in New Orleans during this battle wit COVID-19 (one of the nations hardest hit states). His foundation Team Hope Nola has been purchasing groceries, giving away tons of free sanitizer and making cash donations to the ones who need it most. Team Hope Nola is also offering free deep house cleaning and two different kinds of hand sanitizer to residents 60 year of age and up. One thing we know is P loves his community & will push until things fall back into place. To reach out to Team Hope Nola visit www.teamhopefoundation.org

We salute you three, and wish continued success as well. You never know who’s watching & waiting to be inspired…this is definitely one of those moments of inspiration..


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