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Cardi B Wants To Trademark “OKURRR”

I recently saw a video of my girl Cardi B going off on how people are mad about her trying to get her money!! SMH… Now we all know Cardi is making “Money Moves” so why are people still trying to hate on her?

Cardi B has filed for a trademark for one of her famous responses “OKURRR.” Now if you follow Cardi B on social media, then I’m sure you have heard her say this so many times. Cardi also spoke on how whenever she makes any appearances on TV or radio, the interviewers always request for her to say “OKURRR” before she goes to break or before the segment is ended… so I feel you love! Get ALLLLLL those coins mama, don’t leave nothing on the table. She plans to use the phrase on clothing/apparel and paper products.

Take a listen to Cardi’s response to the haters below.

Now W Magazine reports on how Cardi B is not the 1st person to use the phrase, and this may be the reason for some of the backlash she has been getting about it. Looks like the Kardashians used the term & Ru Paul has also used it as well… but who cares?!?!? Nobosy really started saying it and making it apart of their vocabulary until my girl BARDI! But to read more on that, click here W Magazine Article

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