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Cardi B Will Not Be On Tour With Bruno Mars

Soooo.. we were all waiting for Cardi B to have her baby so we could see her on tour with Bruno Mars, right???  Well I hate to be the one to disappoint you guys!  But our favorite girl Cardi B will not be going on tour with the one and only Bruno Mars!  (Whomp whomp whomp)…  I know yall!  I know you are sad, but it’s all good.  Our girl Cardi is embracing this mommy hood thing 100%.  Here’s the message she just put out for her fans.

Big Ups to you BARDI!!!  I really just love her (even though you haven’t showed us our little niece yet)  But I’m proud of her for grabbing a hold of this mommy thing & rocking it all the way.  Bruno responded to her on his page & it looks like he is 100% okay with the fact that she is not able to do the tour and let’s her know that family should always be the #1 priority.  That’s wassup Bruno Mars!!!  Much respect.


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