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Cardi B’s new doll

Congrats to Cardi B for her new doll in her own image!! Will the Cardi B doll be the new “Barbie” to the younger generation? Will you be purchasing the Cardi B doll? What are your thoughts on the Ex stripper/rapper doll?

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B joins TODAY to announce that she is releasing a doll modeled off of herself. She also talks about raising her daughter, Kulture.

Timed with Women’s History Month, multi-platinum recording artist and fashion icon, Cardi B, announced the upcoming release of her first limited edition fashion doll alongside Real Women Are, a new diverse and inclusive doll brand. An experienced and risk-taking female entrepreneur, Cardi B inspired and created the doll in her outspoken, colorful and confident likeness.  In celebration of the power of authenticity and diversity, Cardi B has teamed up with Real Women Are, a groundbreaking doll brand inspired by influential and impactful women of color created for girls. 

The limited-edition, Cardi B-inspired Real Women Are doll will be available via exclusive waitlist on March 5  online at www.realwomenare.com for only 72 hours. Fans and collectors who have reserved the doll will be guaranteed a doll for purchase in July ‘21. 

The partnership between Cardi B and Real Women Are represents a collection of firsts for the artist and the new brand. Real Women Areis the first minority-women owned and led doll brand targeting women and girls of all ethnicities backed by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), whose toy division was started nearly 20 years ago. For both Cardi B and NECA, the launch of the Real Women Are brand is especially timely as Gen Z and Gen Alpha girls come of age in today’s cultural landscape that recognizes the need for diversity, inclusion and representation on an unprecedented scale.

“As everyone knows, I’m a mom. And today, more than ever, it’s important to me to give my daughter inspiration and badass women to look up to,” said Cardi B. “Working with Real Women Are is a chance for me to provide my daughter and other little girls something that looks like them to play with to inspire them. We’re in the White House now, but we’re still so far behind in other places. Representation matters.”

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