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Cash Me Outside Girl (Bhad Bhabie) Is Now A Black Girl

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UPDATED 4/7/20

16 year-old Danielle Bregoli (better known as Bhad Bhabie – the “cash me outside” girl), is taking on a new ethnicity… She is now a black girl.

How you ask? Well Bhad Bhadie has undergone a series of procedures which were meant to change her race from white to black. and you guys are going to be shocked by the results.

She actually looks nice, but I know it’s going to be a lot of people mad about this. My thing is… why do people care so much about what other people do with their lives?? If the girl wants to have darker skin (and she has the money to pay for it), let her do whatever makes her happy.

There are reports about Bhad Bhabie getting nose fillers, lip injections and even melatonin shots (injected under the skin, which stimulates the the cells to produce more melanin)! Seems pretty extreme, and I’m not sure about the health risks associated with it, but looks like they are all temporary, so if she doesn’t like it… she can go back to being her normal self.

What do you guys think of her new look?

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&&& (SIP ON THIS TEA) – looks like Adrien Bronner is feeling her new look! He tried to DM her, and she sent him back the Akon song (locked up)… yea, remember above I told you guys she was only 16! SMH but you didn’t hear that from me.

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4 thoughts on “Cash Me Outside Girl (Bhad Bhabie) Is Now A Black Girl

  1. Damn girl you are beautiful and you still have a lot of growing up to do. What’s the problem and why are you wanting to be black that’s Kool I guess to each his own but why not just be yourself? You seem to have been 16 for some time now and it’s been a few years now since first seeing you on dr.phil?

  2. “why do people care so much about what other people do with their lives??” Yet here you are posting about it?????????? Please explain the logic in this one??

  3. I think I would be insulted if I was black, the way she acted and talked on Dr Phil, is not a real representation of a black woman…what she think cause she talkin like she country af and act like she can whip everybody lmao.. hell theres black men who would still want her if she stays what she is….yea I’m pretty sure if I was a black woman I’d be pretty pissed that she feels the way she talks and acts makes her think shes black…1st off most blacks are very respectful of their parents and loyal to their families, she is not from what I saw on Dr Phil. black ppl have had to struggle and still do all the time in society, what she know about that, that struggle is real not like she thinks its gonna be, she hadnt had the feels of being born black…the language and the way she talks is far from a black woman it’s what it is a naive little white girl that thinks she knows it all…1st idc how dark u get or what surgery u get, ur never going to be black except on the outside, are u going to use ur new blackness for uplifting and contributing to the black community and culture? what do u really know about being a black person…do u know about slavery, do u know about segregation, and humiliation, I’m just sayin…I understand ur wanting the beauty that black women possess, who wouldnt…but dont do it just cause u wanna be “down” u wanna be the new “hiphop queen” u need to clean up ur act first try being urself, ppl are gonna know u fake, especially “Blacks” they been and seen too much they can spot a fake..ur just a teenager tryin to fit in where u can git in…ur beautiful as u are, try being urself till u grow up some more u might just like u…

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