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CeeLynise New Video! Respect the game and Clarity… Ear Kandy Music review

CeeLynise respect the game and Clarity dropped today! Both songs are dope. CeeLynise always comes with some heat and this time is no different. After going back to the booth and laying it all on the track CeeLynise is perfecting her craft and it shows.

CeeLynise talked about remaining solid with your self. Always staying 10 toes and never being afraid to cut off a leaching ass friend! Keeping your circle tight. Remaining focus on your bag! (money) and goals!

She has really set the bar for female artists! Anyone can shake their ass & say some words! Allowing her talents to speak for itself while remaining pretty. Check out the full video below and make sure you add video vixen to my resume lol I had the pleasure to star in the video!

Yes we had just as much fun as it looks! In the studio vibing watching her recite each bar until it was perfect! Multiple scenes, pretty women and great energy. The video was shot by Akron’s own Rob Bruce with Learoc films. Akron always working! Staring in the video was a great experience… book Ceelynise ASAP you won’t regret it

Watch video below

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