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Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

With October being Domestic Violence awareness month, I thought I should do a few blogs on the subject. Domestic Violence is something that happens a lot more often than you may think it does.  Approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States.  You may have a relative or a good friend whom you talk to everyday, and you still may not know they are getting physically abused.  Celebrities are no exception to this matter…  Many times we see them on TV living their lavish lives and wish we could have just a piece of their fortune, not knowing what may be going on behind closed doors.

If you had the option to have all the money you could ever dream of, all your wishes granted (housing, cars, jewelry,clothes…) could you tolerate being in an abusive relationship????

Here are some A-List celebrities who were accused of Domestic Violence….

sean penn dv

Sean Penn spent 33 days in jail for assaulting his then wife Madonna.

chris brown dv

Everybody remembers in 2009 when Chris Brown beat Rihanna so bad, the pictures had no choice but to surface.  She had bruises all over her head & face.

mike tyson dv

Mike Tyson was charged and convicted with spousal abuse in 1988 to his then wife Robin Givens.

mel gibson dv

Mel Gibson plead no contest in 2011 to misdemeanor charges of spousal abuse.

nicholas cage dv

Nicholas Cage was arrested in 2011 for Domestic Battery charges… They were “dropped”

ray rice dv

Mama said Knock you out…  Ray Rice knocked his fiance out and it just happened to be caught on tape!!!  She forgave him… Could you?

tommy lee dv

Tommy Lee was sentenced to 6 months in 1998 for battery charges against his ex-wide Pamela Anderson.

50 cent dv

50 Cent allegedly kicked his girl friend and was charged with misdemeanor Domestic Violence (and four counts of vandalism & damaging property)…  He took a plea deal.

wesley snipes dv

Wesley Snipes allegedly beat his ex wife HALLE BERRY so bad that she lost 80% of her hearing…  Yea, I’m still stuck on the fact that Wesley Snipes was married to Halle Berry.

steven segal dv

Steven Segal’s ex wife and former assistant he physically and sexually abused them.

columbus short dv

Columbus Short former Scandal actor plead no contest to misdemeanor spousal battery charges in 2014.



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