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Chapel Hill Mall closing due to past due bill

If you live in summit county then you watch our mall turn into a ghost mall. Chapel Hill is located in the Cuyahoga Falls area and use to be full of business! In recent years multiple stores have closed. It started with the smaller stores then came the department stores such as Sears and Macy’s. Over time business has decreased with stores closing just as fast as they open.

In recent reports the mall has made headlines for failure to pay their utilities. In last October and late December the mall had disconnection notice on their electric. Now according to Akron Beacon Journal

“On New Year’s Eve, Akron’s Office of Integrated Development informed the mall that the water would be disconnected after 9:30 a.m. Friday because its water and sewer bill hadn’t been paid.”

It’s sad to see another mall close! Rolling Acres use to be our most popular mall. Filled with stores a movie theater and at one point a hall for parties. Maybe if business owners rented out the space we could reopen it but as of now it seems to be a lost cause…

RIP Chapel Hill Mall…..

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